'Million Dollar Listing' Star Josh Flagg Sells More Than Homes

million dollar listing
million dollar listing

First, let's dispel the rumor: Million Dollar Listingstar Josh Flagg is not trading his real estate shingle for a quill writing pen. Actually, not even for a MacBook. Flagg, whose second book was just published -- fueling gossip among some real estate agents that he was abandoning home sales in favor of writing -- says selling houses are his passion. He handled $64 million in home sales last year, which would be a hard paycheck to walk away from to join the struggling legions of book authors.

Flagg, an ambitious Keller Williams Beverly Hills agent with deep roots in the area that he sells, is nonetheless watching brisk sales of his newest book,Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream. It's an autobiography of his life, all 25 years of it. How does such a relatively young guy have that much to say?

"Actually we had to cut hundreds of pages," Flagg says. "I had plenty of material."