Hiring News: The Latest Job Openings

organizations hiring Given the challenges of finding a job in the current market, we thought we'd track down the latest hiring information and let you know which businesses and organizations currently have a significant number of openings.

As difficult as it is searching for a job these days, news keeps coming in about companies with hundreds -- if not thousands -- of job openings. While a thousand new jobs might not seem like much with millions of Americans unemployed, such hiring news does represent a step in the right direction.

As new information on companies hiring continues to come in, we'll try to point out which areas of the country will benefit the most from these job opportunities to help you find positions relevant to your current job search.

Most Recent

GE Creating 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs

GE Transportation has announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, that will employ more than 500 workers by 2012. The plant has the potential to add up to 275 additional workers in subsequent years. In addition, 250 new jobs will be added to GE's long-time home base in Erie, Penn.

Jamba Juice Seeking 2,500 Summer Workers

Jamba Juice wants to put 2,500 youth to work this summer in support of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Summer Jobs USA Initiative. It looks like the teen outlook for work during the school break just got brighter, thanks to fruit smoothies and the U.S. government.

Chase to Add 1,000 Mortgage Jobs

While some other major banks are cutting their mortgage services divisions, Chase is growing, adding between 500 and 1,000 jobs in the central Ohio area. The growth spurt is fueled by new office space in Gahanna, which Chase is spending several million dollars to reconfigure, and should be ready for business later this year.

New Manufacturing Plants in California

While the manufacturing sector has taken a huge hit across the country and in California in particular, there is a bit of sunshine on the horizon for the Golden State.

Several plants that will likely employ thousands are hiring, either now or within the next six months or so, in both the northern and southern parts of the state.

Siemens Hiring -- Manufacturing Jobs and Training

Thousands of manufacturing jobs in the energy field, and training programs to help you get them -- is it too good to be true? It appears the Siemens Corporation is making this dream a reality.

The international corporation is so eager to fill more than 3,000 open positions across the United States that it has launched a major employment campaign called "Where the Jobs Are." Each month, Siemens will highlight open positions in one of its business units and its academic collaborations to alert potential employees that job training is available for many of these high-skill, high-wage openings.


Hewlett-Packard Looking for Thousands

Further proving that if you're a good software engineer, you can write your own ticket, Palo Alto, California-based tech firm Hewlett-Packard (HP) was advertising 2,383 openings at last count, with openings for software developers, testers, designers, business operations specialists, strategic development managers and engineers, among other positions.

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