FrontierVille Designer Q&A offers hints for future features


Earlier this week

, we told you that some of the designers behind FrontierVille were going to be answering user questions via the game's official forums. The Q&A fan session is now over, and we learned one or two things from the designers as to what to expect in the future. Here's a quick rundown:

First, the designers officially acknowledged the change in the Oregon Trail sign, saying that "My hope was to make the signs both more visually compelling, and less space-intensive!" Unfortunately, any info about when the Oregon Trail itself will launch is still unknown.

We also learned that Dogs will have a larger part on your land in the future, and apparently it has to do with the removal of critters. This came in a user's question about lowering the amount of whacks it takes to remove a Snake or Groundhog, so perhaps our old dog will work to remove them instantly?

Meet us behind the break for more on this designer Q&A.

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