FrontierVille April Missions: Everything you need to know


To celebrate the beginning of April tomorrow, Zynga has launched a five-part mission series in FrontierVille called simply the "April Missions." Each mission has something to do with a task normally undertaken during the month in the real world, such as April Fools' Day, tax season, and so on.

To start, the first missions of five is called "April Fools," and it asks you to collect a single item from the new April Fools collection, along with completing two other tasks.

Have 500 Wood
Collect one Snake in a Can
Tend 30 Neighbors' Oxen

To collect this Snake in a Can, all you'll need to do is complete tasks around your Homestead, as they will drop at random throughout the entire month of April (and presumably the rest of this evening as well). Your rewards for completing this first mission aren't a joke - 500 XP and 1 Tool Box, which contains a handful of valuable building items for use on your Homestead.

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