Florida Men Moonlighting as Butlers in the Buff

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job interview

Talk about being barely legal. There's a new business based in Sarasota, Fla., called Butlers in the Buff that provides shirtless and (almost) pantless servers for bachelorette parties and other events. Most of the "butlers" are working-class guys with day jobs that can "bare" a little moonlighting for the extra cash.

The butlers, personally interviewed and selected by franchise owner Alexandra Jones, are instructed to be gracious and polite, with no into hanky-panky allowed. They can do simple butler duties like answering the door, handing out drinks and food and helping to clean up afterward. All this while wearing the standard uniform: a strategically placed apron, bow tie and cuffs.

To get the job, all that's needed is a winning smile, a pleasing personality, a sculpted physique and an age-range of 25-35ish. Jones told the Herald-Tribune that most are tennis pros, golf pros, guys who work in gyms, paramedics." She has 50 to 70 "butlers" on call in Floridian cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota and Naples.

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She bought the Florida franchise for Butlers in the Buff from a company she was familiar with in Great Britain. Jones and her family moved from England to Florida two years ago, and she noticed that there was nothing like it in the area, although she perceived a need.

While the butlers make about $35 per hour plus tips, clients are charged $200 for the two-hour services of one butler at a minimum, and increase by the number of butlers and hours. But the service will also arrange a whole getaway weekend that includes the services of one butler, luxury accommodations, "activities" and VIP nightclub entry. No, it's not called the "Cougar Special." And yes, it is a reality show waiting to happen.

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