FarmVille LE English Countryside Trees: English Elm & Wych Elm Tree


Two new trees have launched in FarmVille this evening, being placed in the current English Countryside limited edition item theme. One of these two trees, the Wych Elm Tree, should look familiar, as it started launching in Mystery Seedlings earlier this week.

If you'd rather not wait until you're lucky enough to receive a Wych Elm from a Mystery Seedling, you can purchase one outright from the store for 10 Farm Cash. The English Elm tree is also available to purchase for 5 Farm Cash, and placing it in an Orchard will give you another chance at spawning one of those Wych Elms for free.

Both of these trees can be placed on either your Home Farm or your English Countryside farm, but remember, if you'd like to have one of these trees on both farms, you'll need to purchase both. They'll only be available to purchase for the next two weeks, so shop fast if you do decide you'd like to have a pair on each farm.

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Will you purchase either of these trees for your farm, or have you already earned a Wych Elm from a Mystery Seedling? Let us know in the comments.