FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: Suffolk Horse, Devon Pig, Orange Ewe and more

Five new animals have officially launched in FarmVille this evening as part of the limited edition English Countryside theme. We brought you a sneak peek of two of these animals just this evening, proving our prediction that they would be launching "soon." They are the Suffolk Horse and the Suffolk Foal. Of course, you'll be able to purchase the Suffolk Horse from the store for 26 Farm Cash, while the foal can then be bred from a Suffolk Horse in the Horse Stable.

The Suffolk Horse can be purchased for either your Home Farm or your second farm in the English Countryside, as can the Devon Pig, which is available to purchase for 16 Farm Cash. Two other animals, the Orange and Yellow Ewes, are exclusive to the English Countryside, as they can be used for breeding. Both are available for 20 Farm Cash each.

The Suffolk Horse and Devon Pig will be in the store for the next two weeks, while the Orange and Yellow Ewes will be available to purchase for the next three weeks. Make sure to purchase them sooner, rather than later, if you'd like to start breeding Lambs in those two color families while you still can.

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Will you purchase either the Suffolk Horse or the Devon Pig? How about adding one of these two Ewes to your Sheep Pen? Let us know in the comments.