CityVille Higher Education Goals: Everything you need to know

Higher Education
According to Zynga, it's time to get edumacated in CityVille. Well, through a new set of "Higher Education" Goals, that is. Rolling in the new High Education theme, these seven--count 'em!--Goals will guide you along in acquiring some of this new content. Now, let's find out from this early information just how you're going to keep on the books.

Downtown Library1. Louise's Homework

  • Have 1 Downtown Library
  • Collect from any Downtown Library 3 times

Clearly, the Downtown Library will be the first building you purchase from the new theme. For 20 thousand coins (this is a fairly high-level Goal), the building allows for 600 more citizens. Then, collect from it thrice and you're good to go. (Note: This is early information, so details, like Rewards, aren't available.)

Higher Education!

  • Ask friends for 3 New Books
  • Collect 1 Fountain Pen from the Bookworm Collection
  • Collect rent from 40 Residences

This Goal should have an option to ask friends for New Books from right within the menu. The Bookworm Collection, which can only be connected to the Downtown Library, will fill as you collect from the building. Frankly, that third requirement is just going to take some time.

Edgar Gets Flunky

  • Collect from Franchises 2 times
  • Send 30 Tour Buses to neighbors' Businesses
  • Collect from any Bank 2 times

If you have more than one Franchise, this first requirement will be even easier. When you break it down, that's six friend visits to send out 30 Tour Buses. And collecting from any Bank twice is simple enough.

Education Rules

  • Visit 15 friends
  • Ask friends for 10 Pro Education Posters

You mean just visited your friends in the previous Goal? Zynga doesn't care! Go do it again, darnit--and do it with spunk! OK, Zynga never said that, but just visit 15 friends. Then, ask those same friends for Pro Education Posters.

Community CollegeEdgar's College Try CityVille Mission

  • Have 30,000 Coins
  • Collect from any City Hall 2 times
  • Ask friends for 10 Hammers

Gathering 30 thousand coins might be a challenge for some considering they just spent 20 thousand on a Library. Any way, you'll need to collect from your City Hall twice and ask friends for Hammers the old fashioned way.

Education Rises CityVille Mission

  • Place Community College
  • Collect from any Community College 2 times in your city
  • Have 1 Crossing Guard

The Community College will presumably unlock at this point, a building that costs 30 thousand coins and brings in 1,300 Population. Collect from the building twice and then have one Crossing Guard, which we imagine is a decoration.

Bird Doctor

  • Ask friends for 8 Bird Books
  • Have 1 Arboretum

Asking for Bird Books will likely be done the same as time and time again. Also, this will likely unlock the Arboretum, which currently cannot be found in the game. However, it sounds as if it must be another Business or Community Building. And that's it for the Higher Education Goals--why an Arboretum is the pinnacle of education in CityVille we have no idea, but there you have it, folks.

[Source: CityVille Info]

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