Cafe World Supreme Cuisine Event: Choose a side, cook its delicacies


A major event, Zynga's "Iron Chef," if you will, is about to begin in Cafe World. It's called Supreme Cuisine, and it will pit diametrically opposed, cultural culinary traditions against one another in a massive cook-off. The event will be organized into an elimination round-style tournament with the winner crowned the world's Supreme Cuisine. According to the video, players will have to choose between either Hearty Italian chef Piero and Classic French chef Raquel (you can even follow their progress on Twitter) in the first round of this competition. As players cook limited edition recipes from the culinary school of their choosing, they can earn new recipes and collectible trophies. It's unknown exactly when this event will release, though I can bet that it will be a slow roll-out. We're done fueling the hype, so let the above video do the rest.

Have you seen this feature appear in your Cafe World yet? Which side would you choose in the first round? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.