Cafe World Supreme Cuisine Goals: Everything you need to know

The Supreme Cuisine event has officially launched in Cafe World, allowing you to choose between either Chef Piero's hearty Italian dishes, or classic French chef Raquel. Before you can really get into the meat of this event, which sees you cooking special limited time dishes for one side or the other, you'll need to complete a series of goals in the game. The first goal is called Qualify First, and it appears as though these goals are the same regardless of if you choose Italian or French as your own cuisine type.

Qualify First has three tasks:

Serve 10 French Onion Soup
Serve 5 Tony's Classic Pizza
Get 6 Supreme Cuisine Chef Coats

The Chef Coats can be earned by asking your friends to send you the item via individual gift requests. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can wait for your dishes to cook. French Onion Soup takes four hours to prepare, while Tony's Classic Pizza is ready after five hours.