Applifier opens game discovery portal on Facebook

Back in the fall of 2010, Applifier became one of the best ways for developers to increase their user numbers via a bar that could be installed on top of a Facebook game, increasing exposure to players of other games. That is, as players enjoyed MMA Pro Fighter, as one example, they would be able to see links to other games that also use the Applifier bar as a way to cross-promote.

Now, though, you need not be relegated to finding new games just through this bar, as a new "Games on Applifier" portal has launched on Facebook itself. This new application must be installed as any other app on your account, and can be used to discover some of the hundreds or even thousands of Facebook games that are otherwise overshadowed by the big names in the industry (ie: Zynga).
The app, which also goes by the name "Play with Friends!" shows you a constantly updating list of apps that are currently being played, along with some of the hottest games in the system. The biggest draw here however seems to be the "For You" section, which has you filling out your gender and your age, only to be shown a list of applications which are recommended for you based on the age groups and genders of other players who play those games. For a 25 year old female, for instance, you might be told to try SuperFun Town, Baking Life or Cooking Mama. A bit stereotypical, yes, but you never know - you might find your next favorite game via this app, when you otherwise would have never known it existed.

To find some of the games that Applifier thinks you should be playing, check out the Play with Friends app on Facebook.

Have you found any great apps via the new Applifier portal? Let us know in the comments.
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