They Traded Their Careers for Fake Palm Trees and a Tiki Hut

Tiki Hut Would you risk your career and your reputation on a tiki hut and some fake palm trees? That could be exactly what former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and former County Auditor Frank Russo did, when they accepted the backyard decorations from Charles J. Randazzo, a managing member of the Financial Network of America (FNA). reports that Randazzo is being charged with bribery, in trying to convince Dimora to help FNA be selected as a deferred compensation provider for county employees. He gave $1,079.14 each to Dimora and Russo toward the purchase of artificial palm trees for their backyards, according to the charges. Dimora reportedly used his money to buy a tiki hut instead of palm trees.

Randazzo also took the Dimora and Russo out, buying the two men and their friends expensive meals and wine, in an effort to get Dimora to introduce him to other public employees who could help his company obtain public contracts, according to the charges.

It appears that Randazzo is about to plead guilty to these charges, which is not great news for the two men who reportedly accepted the bribes -- especially if they still have the fake flora and furnishings in their backyards. Here's hoping the luau was fun while it lasted!

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