Ozzy Osbourne Lists Malibu Beach House at $10M

The Malibu beachfront house owned by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, is back on the market, this time for $10 million. Before anyone goes climbing any fences to try and steal a peek at the heavy metal legend and the missus, just know they don't actually live here. They bought this property in 2003 for $5.1 million and generally rent it out in the summers if they can't get a year-round tenant.

They hang their electric guitars over in the San Fernando Valley gated community of Hidden Hills, the same neighborhood where Britney Spears is currently renting.
The Malibu house came on the market this week as a for-sale listing, according to the MLS. The Osbournes have been seeking a tenant to pay $40,000 a month, apparently without success. The three-story home, which is entered through a walled garden, has five bedrooms in 4,500 square feet. It sits smack on a nice stretch of sandy beach, just a few doors up from the La Costa Beach Club. The main level houses the public rooms; the second floor is the master suite and a wood-paneled library; and the third floor is where the other bedrooms and an office are located. It's about as un-bat-eating and guitar-smashing a place as you can find.

Osbourne, now 62 and unkindly described by others as doddering, recently played to the label in a Superbowl commercial for Best Buy opposite Justin Bieber (see video below). Osbourne was the lead singer for Black Sabbath before launching his solo career. He has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. His wife and manager, Sharon, 62, is one of the hosts on The Talk.

Jonah Wilson of Sotheby's International Realty's Sunset office is the listing agent, according to the MLS.

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