FrontierVille Horse Corral Quests: Everything you need to know

While we've already brought you the news concerning the new Horse Corral building in FrontierVille, which will allow you to ride and eventually level up your own set of horses for your entire in-game family, you'll really know this update has come around to your game when a set of Horse Corral quests appears for you to complete. There are five Horse Corral quests in all, so let's jump right in, shall we?

The first quest will have you placing your new Horse Corral building on your land, so don't delay in doing so.

Place the Horse Corral
Hire Bess one time
Have 1,000 Wood

You'll unfortunately lose this wood when you complete the mission, so make sure you've created everything you need to for other missions before losing out on this large amount. Finishing this mission rewards you with 100 XP and 1 Hay Hook, which is part of the Barn Collection.
Part II of V requires you to have completed the entire construction process on the Horse Corral (check out our guide for all of the info on doing so), but luckily there are two other somewhat lengthy tasks that can occupy your time while waiting for the construction materials to arrive.

Customize the Horse Corral
Collect 15 Horse Beddings
Hire Five Neighbors

The Horse Bedding looks to be collected from a general wall post, but remember, this information is extremely premature at this point, and could change at any time. Finishing this quest gives you 125 XP and 5 Ribbon.

Part III of V has you helping out at your neighbors' homesteads, along with tending and harvesting some items on your own.

Clear 10 Neighbor Debris
Tend 80 Apple Trees
Harvest 65 Corn

Luckily, Corn takes 12 hours to grow, which gives you plenty of time to wait around for your Apple Trees to become ready to harvest every 30 minutes until you reach the 80 necessary in total. Finishing this third quest gives you 150 XP and 10 Cloth.

Part IV of V has you dealing more with the Horse Corral and Horses themselves, getting back to the main theme of the quest.

Place one Horse on your Homestead
Collect 15 Horse Blankets
Collect Daily Bonus from Horse Corral 2 Times

Horse Blankets look to be earned via individual requests sent to your neighbors. Meanwhile, it's unknown right now as to whether or not a Horse that you already have on your land will count for this task, or if you'll need to purchase a new one from the Horse Corral, but we can only expect it to be the latter. Finishing this quest gives you 200 XP and 1 Horse Grooming Brush.

Finally, Part V of V of these new Horse Corral missions sees you actually putting your Horses to work, by learning how to Mount and Dismount a Horse to ride around your land.

Mount a Horse
Dismount a Horse
Harvest 40 Peppermint Trees

Finishing this final Horse Corral mission will reward you with 300 XP and a Sugar Cube Treat, an item that can be given to your Horse, apparently rewarding some kind of bonus (we'll let you know what that means as we learn more).

All things considered, this mission set looks to be one that will last you a matter of a few days, even if not by choice (see the hiring friends task above). However, with our handy guide, you should be able to prepare as much as possible for when these quests do hit your land, which is all we can really ask for at this point.

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What do you think of these Horse Corral missions? Do you think they're too difficult, or do you appreciate a challenge? Let us know in the comments.
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