FrontierVille Horse Corral: Everything you need to know


Are you ready to be able to ride your very own horse in FrontierVille? Even if the concept had never crossed your mind before, you'll soon be given the option of doing just that, as a new building, and a new set of horses is slowly being rolled out to users in a new update. The new building is called the Horse Corral, and it must be constructed before you can take advantage of this new feature.

The Horse Corral will be purchasable from the store for just 10 coins and 5 wood. This makes us think the building is incredibly important, if Zynga is practically giving it away (perhaps it will be used as part of another feature in the future?) so it's likely in your best interest to purchase and build one. The Corral needs to be whacked 30 times, with each time costing 7 Wood.

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