FrontierVille Forum Discussion: Zynga answers your burning questions

FrontierVille Mysteries Revealed!Have you been wondering when the Oregon Trail will finally release in FrontierVille? (Good luck with getting that one answered.) Well, at least members of Zynga's development team for the game will be answering questions in the FrontierVille forums tomorrow, March 31.

According to Zynga community manager Miss Marme, the team will field their favorite questions "regarding writing in the game, how they come up with their art, or maybe a sneak peek as to what we have planned for the future." And it will happen right in this thread. Alright, so a sneak peek is in order, but exact, detailed responses are unlikely in events like this. Surprise us, Zynga, we dare you.

Have you already fielded a question in the forum discussion? What do you think Zynga will most likely reveal tomorrow? Speculate away in the comments. Add Comment.
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