FrontierVille Corral Collection offers Carrot Treat for your Horses

Along with the slow rollout of the Horse Corral building and the Horse Corral quest set in FrontierVille this evening, Zynga has launched a new collection that should be available to view by all players, regardless of whether or not the building and quests have rolled out to your game. The new collection is the Corral Collection, and it contains five new items in the theme.

Here's what to keep an eye out for:

Riding Crop
Saddle Blanket
Hoof Pick
Riding Boots

You'll find the items for this collection either by whacking the frame of the Horse Corral as you build it, or by collecting the Daily Bonus from the Corral once it's been completed. Turning in this Corral Collection gives you a Carrot Treat that you can feed to one of your Horses, along with 25 XP.

What do you think of the prize for the Horse Collection? Would you rather purchase the Carrot Treat in the market than be forced to find these items to earn one? Let us know in the comments.
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