FarmVille Mystery Seedlings become Wych Elms; next stop Market?

Wych Elm Tree
Wych Elm Tree

The Mystery Seedlings have changed in FarmVille once again. Once planted in either an Orchard or plain grass, the enigmatic baby trees now grow to become Wych Elms, FarmVille Freak reports. However, the chance at receiving a Wych Elm appears to be random, but unlocking the new, rare tree will give players the chance to share it amongst their friends.

For a little trivia, the Wych Elm, also known as the Scots Elm, is a large deciduous tree is the only native Elm to the British Isles. (Zynga will sneak in any reference to the English Countryside it can.) Trees first appearing as Mystery Seedlings is usually a good sign of their future appearance in the Market. We bet you hope you're one of the luck ones either way now, huh?

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Have you received this new tree via either sharing or from a Mystery Seedling? When do you think it will hit the Market and, more importantly, what price are we talking here? Speak up in the comments. Add Comment.