FarmVille English Countryside Avatar Clothing: Tea Party Hat I, Tea Party Dress II, & more


In a small FarmVille update this evening, Zynga has added four new options to the clothing section of the game's marketplace in the current English Countryside theme. The four items actually form two complete outfits, and are able to be mix-and-matched into the perfect ensemble for your avatar. These items are two Tea Party Dresses, and two Tea Party Hats.

The two pairs of items vary in terms of color, but are overall very similar in their structure. Both of the hats costs 5 Farm Cash, and again, either of these hats can be warn with either dress, which cost 10 Farm Cash each. All four of these items will be available to add to your clothing wardrobe for the next two weeks.

We'll make sure to let you know if some male-centric clothing items are added to the theme in the future as well.

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Will you purchase any of these clothing items for your FarmVille avatar? Which ones? Let us know in the comments.