Zynga gets sheepish with FarmVille English Countryside in Times Square

Zynga Sheep in NYC
Update: It looks like Zynga sent some sheep herders over to London as well, as we were just provided some official images by Zynga. Check them out after the break!

has taken its new Sheep Breeding feature in FarmVille English Countryside to the streets--literally. Folks roaming downtown New York City today noticed something odd: Sheep herders holding "Sheep Xing" signs are hanging out in Times Square. Mark Giles, a radio promoter, managed to snap this picture of the herders and their wooly friends in action. If you look closely at the signs, you'll notice the English Countryside logo on them.

So, clearly this is a guerilla advertising attempt by Zynga, but it's not their first. Earlier this month, the company unfurled a massive poster promoting the new expansion in New York City. It just goes to show what some social gaming companies are willing to do to circumvent the restrictive changes to Facebook's viral channels that studios, including Zynga, never completely recovered from. Granted, this multi-billion dollar company has the resources to rent sheep and herd them all willy-nilly around the city. But what's a social gaming start up to do in order to get noticed? Hey don't ask us, we're no marketers.

[Source and Image Credit: Mark Giles]

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Were you in Times Square and noticed Zynga's flock today? What do you think other studios can do to gain notoriety outside of buying livestock? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

Check out what the sheep herders were up to in London and all around New York too:

Sheep in London

Sheep in NYC

Sheep in London 2

Sheep in NYC 2
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