'Saw' Director James Wan Spills Gory Details About Cost Cutting

James Wan
James Wan

If managing money can be a horror show at times, who better than Saw director James Wan to make sense of it all? Wan (pictured), whose movie Insidious opens April 1, told WalletPop how he compares managing money offscreen to making low-budget fright flicks.

"Like anything in life, one has to be creative," he said. "One has to pick their battles. You don't want to spend all your money in one place. Sometimes I'd like to spend more money on one scene, but it's not very important. I'd rather save it for another scene that's more the money shot."

You can apply the same principle to the story of your financial life, Wan explained. Spend your money where it can be most effective. You might succeed with spine-chilling economizing.