Make Your Own Bedding and Other Ways to Sleep on the Cheap -- Savings Experiment

How to Save on Bedding
How to Save on Bedding

Buying sheets can be tricky. There's thread count, material and weave to consider, on top of price and style. One option that's rarely considered -- but can save you money on bedding -- is making your own sheets.

Sewing Your Own

I was astounded to find that flannel and other sheet material sells for a few dollars a yard at Jo Ann's, a fabric store. Expect to pay about $2.99 per yard for flannel. And that's before coupons!

To make a queen-size flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases you'll need about 17 yards. That leaves ample room for shrinkage, borders and trim. Budget another $5 for needles, thread and 1/4-inch elastic if you don't already have them.