Lunchtime Poll: Would you buy a Facebook game players guide?

CityVille for Dummies
CityVille for Dummies

Surely many of you buy the players guide every time a new Pokemon game releases (you can admit it, we're all friends here), so why not buy one for your favorite Facebook game. CityVille Info recently found a piece of software called the CityVille Domination Guide, which claims to improve your mayoral prowess for the limited time price of $27. Granted, I have my doubts of this offer's legitimacy--nor would I recommend you rush to buy it either--but what about the guide books you can easily find in your nearest major bookstore? Our friends Kyle Orland and Angela Morales recently released their first guide through the established Dummies franchise, FarmVille for Dummies, with Orland working on a second book for CityVille. Legitimate or not, these offers beg the question:

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