Earn 150 free FarmVille Farm Cash in Disney Movie Club promotion

Disney Movie Club
Free money is good money, no? (Well, almost free.) Another Sponsored Link has appeared beneath the game screen for FarmVille farmers. This time, Zynga is offering 150 Farm Cash for players that sign up for Disney's Movie Club service. Just click on the link beneath the game screen that has a picture of Mike from Monsters Inc. (one of Pixar's best, if you ask me). Afterward, you'll be shown a pop-up offering the 150 Farm Cash, so click on the big green button if you're interested.

From there, it's time to sign up for the Disney Movie Club. However, the pricing structure is rather complicated--this is no Netflix. According to the service's terms, you must agree to buy five DVDs through the service in the next year, which are $19.95 a piece. However, you can cut that cost buy selecting two titles immediately at a discount. Honestly, this could very well turn out to cost more money than it's worth. But if you're a hardcore Disney fan and itching for some Farm Cash, then no one is stopping you.

Have you signed up for the Disney Movie Club for the "free" Farm Cash? What do you think of this offer compared to Zynga offers in the past? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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