Four Spring Tune-up Tips for Your IRA

a married man holds seeds - IRA tuneup
a married man holds seeds - IRA tuneup

Top your spring to-do list with an IRA tuneup -- before you sharpen the lawnmower blades and scrub up the the barbecue grill.

Here are four steps to getting your IRA and/or your 401(k) in top shape. Most of this advice comes from Dan Keady, director of financial planning for TIAA-CREF.

1. Total Up How Much You are Saving for Retirement, Then Figure out How to Add More

Get out the calculator and add up how much is going into your retirement accounts every month, including the amount that you are putting into your 401(k) at work and the interest that is growing on your IRA accounts from former employers or self employment. Then look for ways to up the ante. Here are some painless suggestions: