FarmVille: Neighbors' crops show as withered with new bug


Users over on the FarmVille forums never miss a beat, as today they have discovered a new bug that has run through the majority of players' games. This bug allows you to visit your friends' farms as normal, but shows all of their crops as being withered. When visiting these friends, and choosing to spend your five daily actions, you can "un-wither" five plots of land, but as it turns out, those crops really aren't withered in the vast majority of cases.

From my own experience, having daily players in the 90-100 level range that suddenly have withered crops [see above] just didn't make sense. After confirming with a few of them, their crops are just fine, and the fact that I'm seeing them as withered is just a glitch or bug, if you will. We're not sure if your actions on those particular plots of crops actually has an effect, however. It could be that you'll actually end up "fertilizing" their land, rather than "un-withering" crops, but either way, make a note of this new bug so you don't inadvertently remove active players from your friends' list because it appears as though they've stopped playing. In all likelihood, they're seeing withered crops on your own farm as well.

Have you spotted this withered crop bug in your own game? Let us know in the comments.