Digital Chocolate's Trip Hawkins wins our 'Stay on Target' award

trip hawkins digital chocolateForbes recently wrote a piece talking about how Digital Chocolate Founder and CEO Trip Hawkins owes a helluva lot of back taxes to the state of California (somewhere in the $20 million ballpark). Apparently this has something to do with money owed way back when Hawkins gaming company 3DO went bankrupt, and his efforts to get out of paying it have apparently not been going swimmingly.

If you're not familiar with Hawkins, the tenacious game exec founded 3DO in 1991, then went on to found Electronic Arts, which is currently one of the biggest gaming companies around, and more recently, Digital Chocolate, which makes mobile games and popular Facebook games such as Millionaire City and, more recently, Zombie Lane.

Anyway, this isn't the kind of news we'd normally cover on - The Blog!, but I was so bemused by Hawkins response to Forbes, I couldn't let it go without mention. In the letter (which is an email he sent to his company) that admits he's having "some tough issues," and after several paragraphs of seemingly heartfelt explanation, ends his missive by asking everyone to "TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO PLAY OUR HOT NEW GAME, ZOMBIE LANE ON FACEBOOK!!!"

So, congratulations, Trip Hawkins, you're this week's winner of our 'Stay on Target' award. Back taxes be damned.

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