Zynga posts strange Cafe World survey; new contest in the works?

Lisa Latte and Joe EspressoZynga posted an odd question on its official Cafe World fan page today that reads, "Hiya Chefs! Help us plan a vacation for Lisa Latte and Joe Espresso!" The two oft-referenced characters are apparently planning a vacation and Zynga wants our help to decide where they go, as the company posted a link to a survey. The first question gives the following options for Joe and Lisa's destination for relaxation: Hawaii, California, Greece, the Philippines and New York. And that's it.

If you hadn't already arrived at the conclusion, something is definitely up. If this is the basis for just another Catering Goal or in-game event, why would it matter what we think? When Zynga released the 7th Inning Snack Goals the company didn't poll players for their favorite team. (That's a stretch of an analogy, but you get the point.) We get the feeling that "Lisa and Joe" is doublespeak for "You and a friend." It's logical to assume that Zynga wouldn't be asking us such a question unless it directly involved us, as in a plan to send us to one of these five destinations. Of course, this is purely speculation, but what else could the company be up to?

Have you seen or answered this strange survey question yet? Where would you like "Lisa and Joe" to vacation in? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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