Judge Orders Willie Nelson to Sing in Her Court to Reduce Pot Penalties

Willie Nelson We've all seen cases of judges being a bit star struck and letting celebrities off easy, but a West Texas court has taken high-profile leniency to a whole new level: She's offered iconic singer Willie Nelson the opportunity to avoid more severe penalties for marijuana possession if he shows up in court and sings to the judge.

Apparently, judge Becky-Dean Walker has offered to let Nelson off if he pleads guilty, pays a fine, and appears in her court and sings 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.' "She wants to meet Willie," Hudspeth County Attorney Kit Bramblett told The Associated Press.

No one is quite sure how this will look on the judge's record or affect her career. Nor is it clear if Nelson will even oblige her. Neither the judge herself nor Nelson's press representative are commenting on the case. But it is an interesting example of Texas justice.

Judge Walker specifically demanded that Nelson appear personally in her court. These types of legal procedures are more commonly handled by mailing in a plea. Requiring the defendant to actually show up for the court at this point is quite rare -- especially for high-profile defendants.

Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana late in November when a Border Patrol checkpoint agent smelled what he believed to be pot smoke coming from Nelson's bus, which gave him the right to search the vehicle. Marijuana was found inside. The singer has had several previous and publicized tangles with the law.

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