Save Cash on Weekend Activities

Students tired of spending weekends at the same frat parties and local bars can take advantage of online deals to spice up their leisure time. Whether it be dining at a new venue or kayaking on the local lake, your computer can find you some serious savings. WalletPop compiled a list of some of the top cash-cutting hot spots:

Economical Pastimes, a Groupon-style site, is available in most major cities, including Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. From sailing and kayaking to fire-eating and race car driving, helps users take advantage of the warming weather without taking too much from their wallets. Indoor activities, such as wine-tasting and cooking classes, are also often featured on the site. Discounts range from 5% up to 70% and Zozi donates a portion of its funding to the communities in which it operates, including a variety of local schools.Cheap Eats on Metromix

For those looking to go out to eat without dipping into textbook funding, visit Metromix. Many of the cities listed on the site feature entire sections dedicated to restaurants with student discounts. Check the cities heavily populated with students, such as New York and St. Louis, for the largest variety of dining options.

Frugality on Facebook

Facebook can be used for more than stalking your crush and staying in touch with high school friends. Search the social media outlet for freebies and cheap things to do around your neighborhood. Free Things to Do in Chicago posts multiple price cuts, deals and giveaways every day. The page has previously featured postings about free museum admissions, concerts, festivals and even coupons on personal products. Similar pages exist for cities all over the country, such as Free Things to Do in Dallas and Free Things to Do in Denver. Search Facebook to find free pages for your own city.

Twitter Tweets Bargains

Facebook isn't the only social media site that can help students save some cash. Many Twitter accounts tweet deals daily that will help cut back on your shopping budget. Check's account, @FreeStuffRocks, to find free music, books, apps and magazines. The posts from @ILoveFreeThings has offered followers freebies on coffee, totes and perfume in the past. The Blind Squirrel and Mr. Savings' @CouponsRack features live links to price cuts in an array of areas including restaurants, lingerie and gym memberships.

Publications Find Freebies

Various publications and city-based websites feature long lists of free activities all the time. National Geographic posted an article called "Free Things to Do in New York," with a lengthy list of entertaining pastimes. A similar list called "25 Free Things to Do Around Boston" went live on and USA Today published "Free Fun Things to Do in San Francisco." These articles suggest activities such as movie screenings, parks, concerts and local landmarks to visit to ensure a cultured step up from the usual student bars and house parties.
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