Richard Simmons' Air New Zealand Safety Demo

richard simmons air new zealand


God bless Richard Simmons. Not only is the fitness guru still rocking those short-shorts and, oh those sequins, but now he's taking his schtick to the skies.

Simmons stars in Air New Zealand's latest attempt at humor, their in-flight safety demo. In his go-to voice, Simmons asks passengers to "stretch it up" to put their carry-on bags overhead. The poor exercise mavens in the video act out everything from putting on oxygen masks to inflatable baby life preservers.

This isn't the first odd marketing spot from Air New Zealand: Snoop Dogg recently rapped with the airline's mascot.

The airline has had its fair share of controversy over their choice of ads and safety videos in the past, from the ridiculous "cougar" ad of 2010 to their odd ads starring an ill-advised mascot, Rico.

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