Office Buddies Team Up to Win Lottery

Win Lottery While most state employees are facing layoffs and reduced benefits, seven New York government workers have just come into millions -- but not because of the generosity of their employer. The technology workers in the state's Homes and Community Renewal agency in Albany pooled their resources to buy several Quick Pick tickets for the Mega Millions lottery drawing, and hit the $319 million jackpot.

This brings office camaraderie and co-worker cooperation to a whole new level. They have the option of splitting the total prize in payments over 25 years, or take a one-time lump sum payment of $202.9 million before taxes. If they choose the latter, the seven winners would split $134 million, or $19.1 million each, after taxes. Welcome to a brand-new life.

It's still unknown as to what their choice will be -- they haven't even come forward to claim their prize yet. But they have an entire year to do so, and few winners take that long. Odds are that none of them will continue their work for the state once they collect, thus opening up positions for others more in need of a full-time job. A representative for the union they belong to says the union is thrilled.

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