Dana Myers Brings Sexy Back: I Love My Job at Booty Parlor [Video]

Dana B. Myers loves her job because not only is she wildly successful, but also she's helping others with a very important part of their lives. Her classy, upscale "Booty Parlor" boudoir products take the sleaze and shame out of sexy, and go a long way toward super-charging the most intimate relationships.

"We think of it as a sexy beauty and lifestyle brand," said Myers in an exclusive interview with AOL on This Week in Careers. She started her business, which sells fun and frolicsome beauty products both online and in stores like Victoria's Secret, because she saw a need. She says that most people shunned those nasty looking triple X stores with the shag carpet and the creepy employees. "They didn't want an experience out of the porn world," she said. "They wanted to feel more like they were shopping for beauty products at Nordstrom."

Myers was on a mission. "I wanted to bring sexy out of that dark corner, to say that this is a healthy, positive part of your life," she says relating it to yoga. "Thirty years ago, yoga was this weird, hippie trend," she says. "But now it's mainstream, and integrated into many women's lifestyles." What woman doesn't own a pair of yoga pants?

The birth of the Booty Parlor

So together with her husband, Myers created the Booty Parlor, and branded it with distinctive, classy, black- and pink-satin packaging. No leopard skin or marabou boas allowed; lingerie is black, pink, satin, mesh and lace. Her beauty products -- lipsticks, lotions, potions, oils and powders -- are all made of natural, healthy products like herbs, ginkgo biloba, ginger, honey, caviar extract, jojoba, gogi berry, olive and coconut oil.

Just how successful is Booty Parlor? It's gone worldwide, and sold in stores large and small all over the country, as well as in upscale hotels such as the Wynn in Las Vegas -- which keeps their stores and rooms stocked with Booty Parlor products. Myers just published a successful book called 'Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You,' with a pink and black cover, of course, and -- you knew this was coming -- a reality series in the making. It will not only document women getting mojo makeovers and lighting up their love lives, but it will chronicle the life of Myers as a wife, mother and businesswoman as well.

You wouldn't think of the proprietor of the Booty Parlor as the mother of a 6-month old baby, with a master's degree, but there you have it. Myers was born in a Chicago suburb, studied piano performance and the music business at DePaul University, was both a classical pianist and a rock 'n' roller for several years, before getting her master's in business and entertainment at NYU. She's worked in all aspects of the music industry, and even did a stint as a makeup artist. All this helped her get to where she is now.

Finding your own mojo online

These days, with the job market and the economy so uncertain, the thought of starting your own business online sounds quite appealing. Myers is very forthcoming with advice on how to do that successfully. "Assess the market," she advises. "Try to figure out what is being done, what isn't being done, and where is there some room?"

Once you've identified a need, she recommends "finding a product that you feel passionate about. Stay true to that. For example, we see our business as providing a solution. Ask yourself what's the need that you're filling?"


The next step would be creating strong branding and messaging. "Have a story to tell," she suggests. "Everyone loves a good story." A few other essentials? A business partner you can trust, and, most important of all, a workable revenue model.

"So many people say, 'I'm going to start a blog and make money off that,'" she says, adding that they don't realize that they have to have hundreds of thousands of people coming to their site on a daily basis in order to make money from advertising. Selling a uniquely branded product that fills a need or a niche is a far better idea, she emphasizes.

Myers finds gratification -- and profit -- in helping women find beauty in being sexy. "When that part of your life is working well, everything is better. You're happier, you feel desired, you feel confident, [and] you're accepting your body. You're going to feel better at work, in your relationships and in life in general." What's not to love about a job that helps people with that?

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