FrontierVille Oregon Trail sign updated with new information


Since the launch of FrontierVille last year, we users have been stuck with four directional markers leading to future "expansions" or at least new features that apparently in the works. Since you can't remove these signs from your land, many users have taken to checking them regularly to make sure that nothing has changed. It turns out, that thoroughness has led us to a bit of a breakthrough, at least where the Oregon Trail sign is concerned.

The text on the sign is quite interesting, leading us to believe that the feature might be the first of the four released, and that it might be the next big thing Zynga decides to work on in the game. Here's what the text says:

"Adventurers are headin' west! Maybe one of 'em will pass by your homestead, pardner. The Oregon Trail ain't for the faint of heart - you'll need pioneer spirit 'n' teamwork to make it!"

Additionally, the large yellow "Coming Soon" marker that has been seen on other signs since the beginning has now been removed. While this might mean that the feature has instead been moved further back in the line of features that Zynga is working on, that seems rather counter-intuitive. After all, why would Zynga update the sign at all, if they had no intention of working on the feature?

Help us speculate as to what all of this means in the comments. Could the Oregon Trail be FrontierVille's first expansion? We'd love to know what you think!