FarmVille Mystery Game (03/27/11): Birds take flight as new prizes

This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille isn't technically labeled as coming with a standard English Countryside theme, as it instead introduces us to a set of six birds, ready to take flight right onto your farm. The game is called "English Wings," and it will offer you England-inspired birds as prizes.

Some of these birds are those we've given you a sneak peek of in the past, including the Sussex Chicken which we brought you news of just this morning. Here's a complete rundown of this week's prizes:

English Partridge
Gray Heron
King Fisher
Sussex Chicken
Tufted Duck
White Barn Owl

This week's Mystery Game strikes a balance between last week's price of 20 Farm Cash per dart and the normal price of 16 Farm Cash, as it will cost you 18 Farm Cash to play the game this week. Each dart offers you a chance at one of these feathered friends, but remember, you don't have a choice as to which prize you'll win.

If you'd like one of these birds, make sure to play the game within the next week, as next Sunday will see the game being updated with a new set of items, perhaps even in a new theme.

Check out the rest of our English Countryside coverage right here.

Which of these birds are you hoping to win this week? Let us know in the comments.