FarmVille LE English Countryside Trees: Crab Apple Tree & Damson Tree


Two new trees have been added to the limited edition English Countryside item theme in FarmVille this evening, and those farmers that have chosen to focus on their Home Farms rather than making the trip over the pond will be happy to know that these trees are available to place on either farm.

The Damson Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, while the Crab Apple Tree costs 10 Farm Cash. Upon placing the Damson Tree in your Orchard, you'll see that the Crab Apple Tree is the tree that you'll have a chance of receiving from a Mystery Seedling, so feel free to skip purchasing the Crab Apple Tree altogether if you think you'll have luck in randomly receiving one as a Mystery Seedling.

Both of these trees will be available in the game for the next two weeks. Remember, if you'd like to have these trees on both of your farms, you'll need to purchase them twice.

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Will you purchase either of these trees for your farm, or had you already received a Crab Apple Tree as a Mystery
seedling? Let us know in the comments.