FarmVille Cows fan page speaks of "dark days to come"

While it could all just be some fanciful wording, the FarmVille Cows facebook page (run by Zynga, and created back in the war between Cows and Sheep as the dominate farm animal) was updated just minutes ago, thanking the page's 4.3 million fans for being just that - fans of the FarmVille cows and their movement.

The update goes on to say that of this great "herd" of players, "we're going to need every single one of you to support us in the dark days to come." What exactly could this "dark days" reference mean? Will Zynga be resurrecting the war between Cows and Sheep? Or, could a new animal, like the Duck or Horse, be set to make an attempt for their own barnyard superiority? It should be noted that the Cow vs. Sheep war first started at the beginning of April in 2010, so we are do for another installment, if that's what this means.

Whether this is just clever wording, to get users talking, or if it's really some sort of foreshadowing of things to come, we'll make sure to keep an eye on this situation, and will let you know if another war of the barnyard is set to break lose in the game.

Have you seen this update on the FarmVille Cows fan page? What do you think the "dark days" line is referring to? Let us know in the comments.