CityVille: Cruise Ships coming soon; where will they take us?


Load CityVille this evening and you're likely to see the newest loading screen that's been added to the game, giving all users a sneak peek as to a new feature, or at least a new item, that will be setting sail in the game soon. The new item is the Cruise Ship, which will apparently bring with them some "fun and excitement."

Zynga goes on to officially announce the Cruise Ship screenshot in the game's official forums, where they add the question "Where will they take your citizens?" This leaves the feature wide open in terms of possibilities. Will Cruise Ships work just as regular boats, but they'll earn coins as citizens become tourists to other countries rather than producing Goods? Or, could this be just the first glimpse we'll see of new lands that we'll be able to explore, using the Cruise Ship as a mode of travel?

The possibilities are fairly endless at this point, and we'll make sure to give you more details about Cruise Ships as we know more.

What do you think the Cruise Ships will do in CityVille? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.