CityVille City Works Community Building: Everything you need to know

A new community building has been added to CityVille in the form of the City Works building. According to a new pop-up you'll receive when logging into the game, the City Works building is essential for your town (although that's questionable, as you'll soon see), and comes with a high population boost to boot.

The building itself can be found under the Community Buildings section of the store for 6,000 coins. You'll need to hammer the frame five times to complete its construction, but rather than collecting items to finish this one off, you'll need to go back to the friend recruitment method, adding a whopping 12 people (in total) to your Crew before the building can be opened. You might be lucky enough to have the Director and Deputy Director's positions filled for you by "Bonus Crew," but otherwise, you'll be able to pay 2 City Cash per position, or send out individual gift requests to those friends that you think would be most likely to accept.

Once your City Works building is entirely staffed, you'll be able to add an additional 350 citizens to your town's overall population. As for the part about the building being "essential" to your town - that is a bit questionable. There are no quests (currently) associated with building the City Works structure, and it doesn't seem to actually serve any function once it's been built. It seems like this is really just one of those buildings that those who need a higher population would like to build, but everyone else should probably save their land for other things.

We'll make sure to let you know if the City Works building is updated to include a function other than a population boost in the future, so keep checking back.

Did you build a City Works building in your town, or do you need that land for something else? What's your current population cap in CityVille? Share with us in the comments!
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