What It's Like to Work at Best Buy

Meagen Nutt Best Buy Although it may not be the most stylish or flattering ensemble, I can honestly say that I look forward to putting on my blue polo shirt and khaki pants every day. It's seems rare these days to find college students who truly enjoy their job the way I do.

My name is Meagan Nutt, I'm 19 and I have been a member of the Best Buy family for about a year and a half. The first few months of my college career were spent job hunting. I asked my friends who were already employed about who was hiring, and applied to several places, ranging from fast food to retail. After each tedious application process, I began the terrifying interview process. I interviewed at a few different places --some even more than once -- and each time the interview ended by the interviewer telling me they would give me a call. My Best Buy interview, however, ended with a handshake, a smile and a "welcome to the team" from the general manager.

The work culture

What I didn't know that day that this "team" I was joining would soon become much more than just a group of co-workers -- it became very much like my family. It didn't take very long to see how close everyone on the job was. The best part was that it wasn't like high school; there weren't any cliques or outcasts. I was welcomed in with open arms, not just by my managers, supervisors and the people in my department, but from the entire store.

What makes such a difference in the atmosphere at work is that this closeness isn't limited to just while we are at work. We all spend time together outside of work. We spend holidays together, birthdays together, weddings, baby showers and graduations. Even when there's not a reason to celebrate, we just hang out and enjoy each other's company. I feel like it's these sorts of relationships and friendships that allow us to work together in such a coherent way. Some of my fellow employees are now some of my best friends.

The one thing that could ruin this environment would be to have managers and supervisors that think they are "holier than thou." Luckily, the managers at my store are the cherry on top of my work-experience cake. The relationships I have with my managers can be compared to having a good relationship with your parents. You respect and listen to them, but you still feel comfortable and consider them a friend. Each manager in my store brings a different quality to the table. Some managers are more laid back than others, while some are more energetic. Some managers are really funny, while others think they are funny (which has its own level of hilarity). The managers in our Best Buy are actually the ones who truly set the tone for the fun, family-like environment in the first place.

I believe the reason Best Buy functions so fluidly is because we have established this family feeling. Everything we do as a company relies on a team effort. Although I work in the operations department, meaning as either a phone operator, check-out cashier or in customer service, I depend on the other departments to do their part in order for me to do my job efficiently.

Division of labor

Best Buy is broken down into several different departments, each playing an equally important part of the whole. The departments are: Operations, Home Theater, Appliances, Computers, Mobile Phones, Portable Electronics (which includes movies, CDs, games, cameras and GPS systems), Inventory, Loss Prevention, Merchandise, Install and the widely known Geek Squad. It's vital that each department is doing their job correctly in order for each customer to be taken care of efficiently.

One way Best Buy ensures that everyone is handling their responsibilities is by keeping their employees informed. All employees take what we call "eLearnings." They are little practical readings and quizzes that help us learn how to best help our customers, and keep us updated on new technology and store policies. This gives us the confidence to build relationships with our customers, and allows us to find the product or products that truly satisfy our customers' needs.

We gain confidence knowing we have been provided with the right tools to do our job well. It gives us a sense of security in our places at work, knowing that we are prepared and are doing the best we can do to make our "family" prosperous.

I would encourage anyone who is tired of folding clothes, asking people if they want to "super-size that," or sitting in a cubicle to look into joining the Best Buy family. Odds are you will won't regret it. Plus, who wouldn't appreciate the employee discount on all of the latest and greatest electronic toys?

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