FrontierVille: The snow is gone and green trees have returned


If you're one in a warmer climate, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has updated FrontierVille's "weather" to match your new Spring climate. That's right, after a few months, winter has officially left the game, bringing back the original green Oak and Pine Trees that we all love (or perhaps simply love to hate).

This means that all of your current trees should have automatically transformed from lifeless and snow-covered to lush and green, and that any new trees that grow on your Homestead should match. If they are still snow-covered on your Homestead, simply wait a few hours, and we're sure the update will come around to you.

Aside from simply looking better, remember that you can also use these trees to bring out a Robin Egg and trigger the Spring has Sprung missions on your land, which will really help you get in the mood for warmer weather.

What do you think of the melting of the snow in FrontierVille? Were you ready for green trees to return to your land, or did you want your Homestead to stay a winter wonderland year round? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published