FrontierVille Spring has Sprung Goals: Everything you need to know

A series of three new quests are available to complete in FrontierVille, which are triggered on your land by finding either a Black Turtle Egg or a Robin Egg on your land (chop down trees to find one). Once you decide to help one of these poor animals, you'll be asked to complete the Spring has Sprung goal set, getting you in the true mood of Spring, and taking us out of winter for the year.

The first mission is called Search High, and it has three requirements:

Rustle up a Critter Rescue Crew
Chop Trees 20 Times
Harvest 20 Fruit Trees

To be clear, this is a case where you just have to chop trees 20 times. It doesn't mean that you have to completely chop down 20 trees, so if you have some full-grown trees on your land, feel free to clear them entirely to finish the majority of this task with one tree. As for the Critter Crew, you'll need to have five friends join you, which is done via a general wall post you'll put on your news feed. Finishing this first mission gives off quite a bit of experience points at 800 XP and 800 coins.

Once you complete this first goal, you'll move onto Spring has Sprung II, which requires you to plant a crop and clear some debris, which tend to be counter-intuitive tasks. After all, how can you have room on your land to grow debris if you've already covered it in growing crops? Either way, here's what to expect:

Plant 20 Peas
Clear 10 Grass
Tend 2 Injured Animals

The Injured Animal task might also be to simply tend an injured animal two times, but as these missions are so new, that exact detail is unknown at this time. Either way, with the high spawn rate of White Buffalo, you should be able to get this one pretty quickly. Completing this mission offers you even better rewards than the first - 1200 XP and 1200 coins.

Finally, you'll move onto Spring has Sprung III which has you tending to your poor Robin Egg, should you have lucked into receiving that animal from chopping trees, rather than a Black Turtle.

Tend Robin Egg
Collect 10 Potty Papers
Harvest 20 Cotton

You'll be able to ask your friends to send you the Potty Papers we suspect through a general wall post on the news feed. Either way, finishing this mission rewards you with a Spring Butterfly decoration, which those of you that love bright colors are sure to adore.

We'll make sure to let you know if more Spring missions are added to the game in the future.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these first missions - do you like having two new "injured" animals available on your land? Let us know in the comments.
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