FrontierVille: Chop trees to earn Robin or Black Turtle animals


Similar to the injured critter setup in FrontierVille, that sees you spawning injured White Buffalo or Black Deer from clearing debris, you can now find two more kinds of animals on your Homestead by chopping down trees. These animals are the Robin and the Black Turtle, and they function just a bit differently than Injured animals once you are lucky enough to receive one.

Once you find either a Robin Egg or a Black Turtle Egg, you'll see a pop-up like the one above, asking whether or not you'd like to help the animal hatch. Instead of Critter Milk, as required for the Injured Animals, you'll have to find "Fuzzy Blankets" that can be used to keep the eggs warm and help them to hatch. You can purchase Fuzzy Blankets in packs of nine for 50 Horseshoes, or you can ask your friends to send you some by posting a general news item to your wall.

Finding either a Robin Egg or a Black Turtle Egg will also spawn a new series of missions in your game called Spring has Sprung, and we'll bring you all of the coverage on those missions in the very near future, so keep checking back. we have a complete look at these goals available in our guide.

Have you found either a Robin or Black Turtle Egg on your land? What do you think of these new animals? Let us know in the comments.

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