FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: Shetland Pony, Sussex Chicken, Bagot Goat & much more


If you're an animal collector in FarmVille, I've got a treat for you, as we've come across a whole slew of unreleased animals that will apparently be coming to the English Countryside item theme in the near future. There are a whopping nine new animals to take a look at here, so let's dive right here.

For solo animals (that is, those without offspring), we have the English Partridge, Sussex Chicken, Bagot Goat, Gray Heron, and a Tufted Duck. You can see these animals from left to right in the image above.

As for the other four animals, there is one new horse and one new cow, along with their appropriate offspring. Meet us behind the break to see what they are.