FarmVille: Crab Apple Trees growing from Mystery Seedlings


We've received another semi-official sneak peek of a new tree coming to FarmVille this week, as some users are starting to receive Crab Apple Trees from their Mystery Seedlings. The Crab Apple tree appears to be of a normal height, so this very well could be a situation where another, entirely different tree is released in the game that is as-of-now unknown, but happens to produce a Crab Apple tree when placed in an Orchard.

We'll make sure to let you know when these trees are officially released in the market, but for now, keep a special eye out on your news feed for any posts offering Mystery Seedlings, as you never know if you'll be the lucky one to receive one at random.

Have you received a Crab Apple Tree from your Mystery Seedling yet? Let us know in the comments.