SiteJabber: Avoid, Spokeo; Be Careful With People Search

people search servicesOnline people search services are booming, but many have left consumers irate by charging hidden fees, returning useless results or publicizing private information.

Sorting good sites from bad without getting burned can be risky, but SiteJabber users identified several people search services to avoid, and the SiteJabber community isn't shy about saying why they love or hate a particular site.Consumer Allypartner SiteJabber's mission is to help consumers avoid bad websites and steer them toward good ones, through positive or negative user reviews. So we asked SiteJabber for a list of five people search services their users have warned others to avoid.

Here they are, including comments from readers, some of which we've edited for space:

1. received 15 reviews and one out of four stars from SiteJabber users (and was the subject of this Consumer Ally story). Here's what Paul N. said:

"I supposedly purchased 1 year of to look for friends from my past years, and for those looking for me. Everyone who was supposedly looking for me, I had never heard of, and instead of charging my debit card the $8, it was charged approximately $107 for the year. I called their 800 number ... and was told that I should have read the fine print. To make a long story short, I let the gentleman on the other end know that I was very displeased and not to charge my debit card. I'm waiting to see if my debit card will be credited in the next few weeks."

received 17 reviews and one star from SiteJabber users. Here's what what Bruce B. had to say:

"The small $2.95 per month charge has managed to put my bank account into the negatives in excess of 200 dollars in a matter of three days. I signed up for this site because my wife is the victim of domestic violence from her ex-husband. Unfortunately, she also needs to maintain an online presence for her ... career. I was hoping that we would be able to monitor exactly how much information was out there and make sure that her business contacts could still reach her without revealing information about our home address, activities, and children. The reports were old and out of date at best, and in two instances the site meshed my wife's information with that of another woman with the same name. If my wife's ex-husband would come after her using the info on this site my wife would be completely safe, however a completely innocent woman could possibly be injured just because she shares my wife's name."

3. garnered 18 reviews and one star from SiteJabber users. Here's what alex m. said:
"Just been caught out. How do we get Google to wise up to this scam and do something about it. After parting with cash it did not find the info from the initial search so I entered Bugs Bunny with a fictitious birthdate and GUESS WHAT -- it found matches in the U.K. The unacceptable face of capitalism."
4. received six reviews and one star from SiteJabber users. Here's what Ali V. had to say:
"The contact info provided for about $2 each were helpful and better than results from There is a "free" seven-day trial after which they automatically renew for the premium subscription UNLESS YOU CANCEL Just try canceling!! No frickin' place to do that until after they charged my PayPal...account two days before the free trial was to expire. I emailed their customer service three days before the expiration to cancel. No replies. This is a scam!!!"
5. received 11 reviews and one star from SiteJabber users. Here's what Lin E. said:

"What a scam! they can't find records for a person that is incarcerated! DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, it's a waste of money. They never contact you and then say no records exist. CRAP!"

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