Shark Bites Cancun Tourist

A woman who did not listen to a warning from a lifeguard became the second tourist to be attacked by a shark in Cancun this year.

Believed to be from Russia, the woman went about 100 yards into the water off Gaviotas beach despite being warned not to, lifeguard Lazaro Magana tells the Associated Press. Sharks had been spotted in the area.

Magana says the tourist was taken to the hospital with an 8-inch wound on her foot.

In late January, a Canadian tourist suffered a severed arm and serious leg injuries as the result of a shark attack near a hotel in the Mexican resort. The 38-year-old woman was swimming about 50 feet from shore when she encountered the shark, believed to be a female coming close to shore to give birth.

A doctor at a private local hospital said at the time that such shark attacks are "exceptional" and rare in Cancun.

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