Ravenwood Fair digs in with upcoming Ravenstone Mine expansion

ravenwood fair ravenwood mine

Ravenwood Fair, the cutesy Facebook game where you (as an animal dressed in medieval garb) play proprietor to a woodsy fair will soon be exploring new depths. LOLApps is planning a new expansion to the game called Ravenstone Mine that will be arriving in several weeks, and it will take you on a journey far beneath the fair.
ravenwood fair ravenrock mine monstersWorking in the mine will apparently be similar to working the fair -- with a few distinct differences. The items you find in the earthen underbelly will be different than those that you find in the above ground. There will be different items for the different areas, i.e. flowers won't grow in the mines, and tracks and carts won't be available in the fair. Also, when you work in the mine you'll be more likely to wrack up experience points faster and, when you work the fair, you'll gain energy faster.

The big challenge with this expansion is that no matter where you work, you'll still have to use the same energy pool (every move you make in the game requires energy) -- so you'll have to think more strategically about what kind of game you want to play. Basically, you'll now have a choice to be what I'm pre-emptively naming an "Earther" -- someone who prefers to work the Fair and have more energy -- or an 'Under-Earther" - someone who sticks to the mines to gain experience and level up as quickly as possible. Or, if you're like me, you might try to hang out somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, an expansion would do Ravenwood Fair some good. According to AppData, players have been dropping off little by little over the past few weeks (even though it still has a sizeable audience of 11 million players per month), so a whole new underground area to explore might be just what the game needs to keep current Ravenwooders interested, and convince new players to visit and stay for a while.

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