MinoMonsters on Facebook: A promising, unfinished Pokemon clone

MinoMonsters Battle
Every Pokemon fan in the world has likely clamored for what will likely never happen: a Pokemon MMO game from Nintendo. Since that's about as likely as finding a Pikachu in your local park, Facebook game knock-offs will have to do until the company comes to their senses. So, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, Josh Buckley, has taken it upon himself to fill the void and hopefully beat Nintendo to the punch with MinoMonsters. While the game includes all the basic trappings that you would expect from such a game on Facebook--a litany of monsters to fight and capture, a turn-based battle system and a massive world--it currently lacks basic functions like buying items without Facebook Credits. MinoMonsters is a wonderful idea, but it's yet to become a wonderful game.
MinoMonsters Starter
The game begins with the ultimate question that every monster-collector should be familiar with: Which MinoMonster will you start your journey with? At first, the three critters aren't too different from one another, but as you level up their abilities will differentiate. However, you're only given one MinoCard to start, the instrument used to capture new monsters (think Poke Balls), and a few potions. At the moment, the only way to buy new items is through Facebook Credits, which will likely scare players away rather than force them to spend.

It's because of this that the game stagnates almost immediately. While you'll feel the urge to capture these new and interesting monsters during your travels, why would you invest money in a game that might not be around for much longer. That is, if things don't ramp up quick. The battle system will feel familiar to anyone who has played--you guessed it--Pokemon. Your options are to fight, use and item, switch to another monster or run away. However, the "Use Item" option will be just about useless until the game's store is upgraded.

MinoMonsters World
The world map consists of simply moving from battle to battle, which is OK, if progress felt like it was being made. In order to defeat stronger monsters, you'll have to stay in on particular zone until your monsters are strong enough to defeat the beast that's giving you trouble. If you lose all of your monsters in battle, you'll be revived at the expense of experience points gained. In my experience, players don't respond very well to negative reinforcement, so this will likely be another hangup for plenty of players.

Finally, several aspects of battle aren't finished. When fighting a monster that resembled a pony, it used an ability caused "Gust" against, but only a small broken image icon flew across the screen. Despite all of its flaws resulting from a far too early launch, MinoMonsters has me more excited than most recent Facebook games based on its potential alone. However, it already has some competition in the space with Monster Galaxy, a far more polished game with essentially the same premise. If you want to see a game with nearly limitless potential, give it a go.

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