FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: Shire Horse, Brown Dutch Rabbit & More

A series of three new animals (four, if we're being technical) were released in FarmVille today in the current English Countryside theme. This release is a bit complicated, however, as some items can be used on both your Home Farm and your English Farm, while others are specific to that second farm in the countryside.

A new Shire Horse is available to purchase on both your Home Farm or your English farm via the game's store. It can be purchased for 26 Farm Cash, and can be harvested once every three days unless you place it inside your Horse Stable, where it can be harvested daily. You'll have a chance to breed this horse for the new Shire Foal, which can then be shared with your friends.

As for the England specific items, these are the English Sheep and Brown Dutch Rabbit. The Sheep costs 22 Farm Cash while the Rabbit costs just 12 Farm Cash. The English Sheep can be harvested once every three days for just 28 coins, while the Rabbit is only available to harvest every four days, but rewards you with 150 coins when you do so.

The Brown Dutch Rabbit and Shire Horse will be available in the game for 14 days while the English Sheep will expire earlier, after 12 days' time.

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Will you purchase the Shire Horse for your Home Farm or for your farm in the English Countryside? Let us know in the comments.